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Schools are facing complex transitions that have an impact on all levels and for all stakeholders. There are a lot of exciting challenges to be realised such as: developing basic skills, literacy and key competences, thinking skills, language skills and creativity.  In addition, the Covid pandemic created an urgence to act immediately and effectively. Only inspirational and strategic leadership provides a vision and direction towards effectiveness and success in these matters.

“To mobilise support for innovation, resilience and change, particularly in the uncertainty created by the pandemic, education systems need to become better at communicating the need and building support for change. Investing in capacity development and change-management skills will be critical; and it is vital that teachers become active agents for change, not just in implementing technological and social innovations, but in designing them too. “ © OECD 2021, The state of school education: One year into the COVID pandemic.

The course also explores didactical skills for teachers who want to enable dynamic learning in tomorrow’s learning environment based on new learning theories.

The course wants to contribute to the empowerment of schools as learning organisations. During the course sessions we have a look at different aspects of education quality and the role of the school team to achieve good quality.

Participants will get to know new teaching and learning methods that address the educational challenges of the future.

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to define a realistic list of challenges, priorities and possible solutions, and design the accompanying leadership approach to implement the innovation towards a higher education quality.`


Day 1:

Introduction, ice breaking, presentation of programme


Day 2:


Day 3:

Education Quality

Didactical and pedagogical processes

Day 4:

Relation and interaction between leadership, innovation and education quality

Innovation as change, capacity development and change-management skills

Day 5:

Transfer exercises

Presentation of ‘Master Piece’ on own context

Evaluation, certificates and farewell

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